Monday, January 21, 2008

The Faerie Zine Volume 4, Now Available!

Hello Everyone,
Here is the cover of the new issue of The Faerie Zine: Winter Carnival, Vol. 4.

In this new and exciting issue of the zine we have:
-An interview with Jade Adams by Gina Smith.
-A visit into a world of Enchantment with Twinkle, Twinkle, Shabby Star's Jennifer Hayslip.
-The Amazing art of Gina Smith.
- A look into the Queen of Collage: Dorte Sorensen.
-A preview of my new illustrated underground book: The Side Show Follies.
-From the Files of Doctor London Wimbatt: Cryptozoology, The Mummy and The Museum.
-Trolls and The Fjord.
-1920's Egyptology, London and Cairo.
-Apothecary Tales and Potionology.
-A Winter Carnival: The Swiss Masquerade.
-Vintage Valentines
-The History of Mr. Claus.
-Little Obelia.
-The Story of The Little Princess.
-The Gingerbread House and Spicey Treats.
-Altered Treats and Projects.
-Teatime, Scones and Mildred.
-Freebie Collage Sheet.
-Along with other surprises and works.

This Volume is going to print tonight.
Pre-order your copy today!

New Shipping Policy, Orders and Back Orders of The Zine:

From now on we will be printing in batches, every batch comes in within three weeks, please allow three weeks for your order to be delivered from the date you purchase. If we are out of inventory, you will receive an email informing you, along with a delivery date.
We try to include coupons and honor lost or missing issues of the zine. Please inform us if you haven't received your zine after 3 weeks.

This new order will be ready for delivery three weeks from tommorrow Jan. 22.

Remember if we sell out of this first batch, you will be on the next re-order

All contributing artists get a complimentary copy of the zine on cd.

Thank You for all your patience and support of: The Faerie Zine!

Magic and Joy!

P.S. To pre-order your advanced copy, go to my webstore, blog, ebay or etsy:


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