Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Went to Cafe Archetypus, Check it out!

This place is just incredible! I was here several years ago and in returning yesterday, I noticed, that they improved even more. I can't say enough about how great this place is. When you are there, you just escape into another world, like nothing outside there exist. A place filled with mythology and much more history. Where you can relax by the candle light and feel as though you went on vacation to the Greek Isles, or a hidden cave, made just for you!
There are no bright lights anywhere, just candle light. The place is made to reflect old Mythology. The more you look around, the more you explore and find. You have to go and experience this hidden treasure. I know I'll be going back for more. The best part is they are open 7days a week.
11am-12 midnight No credit cards accepted, we do however have an ATM on premises
Cafe Archetypus is located at 266 River Rd., Edgewater, NJ 07020 ! Visit their website at:


Anonymous Gypsy said...

OOOOH I so wish I could go there! LOVE it! AND I love the gypsy next to my blog link! You are so cute!!!!

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi lis, hope all is well with you and yours ! all my best ! -p

7:48 PM  

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