Monday, April 07, 2008

More Pictures from Yankee Opening Day!

Its actually a good thing that the first game day opener was cancelled, because I wouldn't have been there. When the chance came up to go to The 2nd time around of Opening day on Tuesday April 1, off I went to the Bronx for the night off our lives.

To start I took a walk around the old stadium as we were walking, a baseball came flying out of the stadium and hit me in the leg, everyone crowded around us to see what flew out, their was a gasp when I held up a baseball, complete with Mississippi Mud on it, which actually is made and manufactured not in Mississippi but in South Jersey in the Good Ole Jersey Shore.

After that amazing incident, I guess you could say we caught the first ball to fly out of the stadium on opening day. Usually the baseball players practice batting inside the stadium (indoors), since we were near the opening, it flew out, now that was pure luck.

After visiting the new stadium, we headed to our seats in section 80, Row D, which was 5 rows from third base area, the seats were amazing, the people around us were amazing, and The Yankees Won, Beating The Toronto Blue Jays!

What a night!

Opening Day at Yankee Stadium

Thursday, April 03, 2008

A must visit to Halloween Land: UHAT

Alice didn't always visit Wonderland, she traveled deeper and stumbled upon a Halloweenland called UHAT which stands for Unique Halloween Art Treasures, Once you step into this magical world, you will never leave.
Welcome to Unique Halloween Art Treasures.

On the UHAT sites which consist of a website, blog, myspace and ebay groups for now and is filled with wonderful and talented Artists who display their works for what else, Halloween!
Every unusual piece are one of a kind originals made by each artist. You will find an array of paintings, Images, Sculptures, Jewelry, Dolls, Primitive, Gothic, Vintage, Wood, Folk Art and more.

On UHAT you will also find info about the group, the artists, complete with photos and links for each artist.

UHAT's members sell their Unqiue and Magical Halloween Art through websites, blogs, and online auction sites such as Ebay. When on Ebay please search for UHAT on the Ebay home page, search engine to find UHAT Auctions.

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